Naturist Legacy Park ... for Manitoba naturistsNaturist Legacy Park ... for Manitoba nudismNaturist Legacy Park ... for Manitoba naturism

Naturist Legacy Park ... for Manitoba naturism

Our Park

Land is the essential pre-requisite for our naturist way of life. Our practice of non-sexual naturism and our desire to maintain the natural character of our land go hand in hand. We maintain our park in its natural state so that we may enjoy it in our natural state.

Naturist Legacy is passionate about conserving, protecting and enhancing the natural character of our park and preserving valuable wildlife habitat. Our low-impact development and passive recreation ensure that the natural benefits afforded by our Park will be available to naturists for now and for generations to come.

Naturist Legacy Park to me is all about enjoying the feeling of connecting with the earth and my inner self by being fully nude in a natural setting. (M&L)

Our Land

Naturist Legacy Park has 80 acres of lush mixed forest of pine, spruce, birch and poplar trees interspersed with large meadows perfectly suited for naturist activity. These idyllic meadows are located well away from the borders of our property, and so they are wonderfully secluded and private! 

We have intentionally limited the "footprint" of our buildings, campsites and other infrastructure in order to maintain as much of the natural integrity of our land as possible. We have acres and acres of groomed park land that is in turn surrounded by many more acres of pristine forest through which we have several nature trails.

A nature trail
One of our meadows

Our Amenities

Naturist Legacy Park is brand new. We have a sparkling new 33' swimming pool and a new bocce court. Our new volleyball court is filled with real beach sand that's super soft. It's never hot under foot and it never gets hard after it rains!

Our large clubhouse was just opened in 2016, and offers a living room area with TV, tables and chairs for dining or games, a ping pong table, microwave & fridge, and coming soon, a pool table.

We also offer both RV and tent camping areas, modern washrooms, and both indoor and outdoor showers. 

Our new pool
Our new bocce court
Our new sand volleyball court
A seasonal campsite
We can go to Naturist Legacy Park on any day we wish. We can be alone to read, tan, swim in the sparkling pool and walk the tranquil forest paths, or we can join in a gathering of fellow nudists to talk, laugh and maybe even get in a game of volleyball or bocce! (M&L)


Being a good neighbour has always been important to us. We seek a peaceful, friendly and constructive coexistence with everyone who lives nearby. We're grateful to our neighbours for understanding and respecting our unique need for privacy.

Join Us

Naturist Legacy Park offers you a truly unique nudist club experience in a beautiful, private location.

Write to us today at  and request our online membership information kit.

Naturist Legacy Park. Celebrating life naturally!
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